Friday, January 24, 2014


I am, I hope, putting the finishing touches on the new novel. Rewriting, formatting, designing — with any luck, it should be out by April. This is THE SHADOW OF ASAK, the second book in the Donzalo’s Destiny series of fantasy novels. At this point, I would guess two more novels. Or three?

Although that might not be the end of the character and/or the world in which he exists. Of course, ‘Donzalo’s Destiny’ itself is actually a single long novel that I am breaking up into books.

Somewhere around the same time the new novel from my niece and sister, Mary and Jean James, should be appearing. That book is titled – at least for now – ‘Sea Red, Sea Blue’ and will be published by Harbourlight Press . That’s the adventure/suspense imprint of Pelican Books, a ‘Christian’ publisher.

Before I start in on the third Donzalo installment I should pay some attention to other projects. I have a lot of stuff on hold! There is a more-or-less mainstream novel in the works as well. If it comes along well, I may choose to shop it around rather than publishing it myself through Arachis Press. I would not hold it very long, though.

Okay, back to work, mustn’t shirk.

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