Monday, February 10, 2014

Revisions and Removals

My proof copy of the print version of THE SHADOW OF ASAK arrived today and it looks good. My immediate concern is always whether the graphics printed properly — which they did. I’ll read through to make sure there are no problems otherwise.

So it looks like I could ‘release’ the book anytime but I will hold the official date to March First. That gives me loads of time to get it on my own Arachis Press website and do a little more promotion. It is, however, already for sale at the AP page at Lulu, in print, PDF, and EPUB.

The best thing about a print on demand model – aside from the low initial cost – is that revisions are very easy. If I find anything wrong in the book I can upload a new version and have it available pretty much immediately. The only lag is the EPUB versions for Apple and Barnes & Noble, which have to be approved. I don’t care that much whether my books show up in those stores anyway, to be honest.

And, as always, I do not use Amazon.

I do need to get to revise all my older titles eventually. There are always problems one finds, if only typos. Also, I should get my pricing more consistent, especially since Apple rounds it up to the nearest 99 cents! That will be the first task, I think.

In only slightly related news, I have concluded that official Face Book ‘Pages’ for my various endeavors are not very useful. Better to have blogs and/or sites that I can link to from my profile, for the most part. I have already dropped ‘Que Linda Music’ and ‘The Poetry of Stephen Brooke,’ and may delete ‘Insolent Lad Media’ as well.

I will, however, keep my page as a musician (hoping that I will actually play again someday), the ‘Arachis Press’ page, and the one for ‘Peanut Road’ (which is somewhat all-encompassing).

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