Sunday, March 23, 2014

Books at Amazon

So, Lulu has finally made distribution to Amazon and Kobo a part of their service. Apple and Barnes & Noble have been available all along, as well as selling directly, but now we can offer ebooks through these two markets as well. Just in time---I had done my own conversion of my 'Donzalo' novels to mobi (Kindle) format and was planning to offer them via Gumroad or Sellfy. I guess there is no need for that now (though I may do a 'bundle' through one or the other).

I  could, if I wished, also distribute my print editions through Amazon and other outlets, too. However, they take such a big chunk I would actually have to raise my prices to make any money! And you wouldn't want to pay more, would you? Even then, it would not be anywhere near as much as I can make selling through our Arachis Press site and/or Lulu. So, no thanks.

The first two novels of the 'Donzalo's Destiny' series should appear at Amazon and Kobo shortly, same price as elsewhere (2.99). That would be THE SONG OF THE SWORD and THE SHADOW OF ASAK. I'll see about getting some of the other books up, in time. The poetry books will probably be available soon but I do want to create a revised edition of THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE before re-releasing it.

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