Saturday, March 08, 2014

I Stay, Spring Comes

This is the weekend of the Will McLean Festival, down near Dade City Florida (that’s a modest distance NE of the Tampa area). I used to attend yearly but have missed the last several. Of course, I had a good reason to the last few years, what with the caregiver duties I had taken on.

I could have made the trip this year. Except that it is twice as far away as it was when I lived in Steinhatchee. It’s a pretty long drive now.

But I had things I wanted to work on, animals that I would have needed to get someone to care for – especially if I overnighted it – and some vehicle concerns, so I opted not to go. I’m saving up my energy and funds to attempt the Florida Folk Festival at the end of May. It’s about half the distance and I could do a one day visit without too much trouble.

In the mean time, despite continued interruptions by cold fronts, spring is making itself known around here. My pear tree is thicker with blossoms than I have ever seen. I put in several new pears over the past few weeks, along with other tree tranplantings. This is the first year in a long time that I have not bought any nursery stock. I’ll let the plants I have on hand do and if I need to fill in or have losses, I’ll take care of it next year.

There are loads of peach blossoms too. I practically live in an orchard now — and I like it! One of my saucer magnolias bloomed for the first time, as did one of the rosemary bushes. Everything is budding out, so I guess I should be grateful for the wet cool weather. It will be hot and dry before we know it and I’ll be out dragging hoses around the place every day.

That will keep me busy. As will getting onto my next book. I’ll start another writing project soon, possibly the next Donzalo novel. Or something else. We’ll see.

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