Monday, April 14, 2014

On the Road and On Line

So, I finally got out and about yesterday after not going further than twenty or so miles from my home for the past four years. Drove down to Roberts Hall in Lynn Haven for the weekly “Americana” concert and open mike hosted by Lucky Mud. It’s not too bad a drive, 53 miles from door to door, so I’ll probably visit from time to time. That’s less than I used to drive from my former home in Steinhatchee to the monthly coffeehouse at White Springs.

Although I didn’t play this time, I do intend to take an instrument in the future. Maybe this coming Sunday — with family visiting (‘Mean Mary’ and her mom are in Florida for a couple weeks) and my birthday the next day, I am quite unsure about my schedule. How old will I be? Not telling but the Beatles wrote a song about it.

* * *

In completely different news, I have been having a lot of trouble with Yahoo lately (like a month or so). Trouble connecting to my account there, my mail, my website. That, I know, is partly due to my satellite internet connection which becomes iffy in some weather and always has a slight lag which can throw things off. And, no doubt, some of it is the fault of Yahoo. Still, I like having my site at Yahoo and do not plan to change that. I am thinking it might be time to switch to their simpler site-building software and editing online instead of repeatedly failing to upload my updates.

That would also make it much easier to update any time, any place, which is a definite consideration if I travel. Shoot, I could just go for a bunch of embedded WordPress blogs. Whatever I choose, I should choose it soon!

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