Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My FFF 2014

After several years of missing the Florida Folk Festival – seven or eight, I think – I made it over to White Springs on Friday. The logistics of having my critters cared for and finding a place to stay over there kept me to just the one day. Gas, ticket, food, came to about a hundred dollars total. More than I like to spend but, after all, it’s only once a year.

I do intend to get some recordings and/or video together and try to get a performance spot the next time around. Might as well.

It was quite hot, but I like that. I breathe better with the warm air. What I did not like were the ticks! If I’d been thinking, I would have slathered myself with repellent before entering the park. They were never that bad in other years, as far as I can remember. Maybe the hotter weather is to blame?

I have no photos to display. The few I snapped were not worth keeping and I’d rather watch and listen than try to take pictures anyway.

So, I got there just before Ten AM, the official start time of the Festival. That meant leaving here at Five — I lose an hour by crossing the Apalachicola into the Eastern time zone and did not particularly hurry. Ambled about for seven hours and hit the road home. That let me see and hear enough to make it worthwhile and still get back while it was light.

I think the highlight of the day was Mary Z Cox’s performance at the Seminole Camp (which they done went and moved and confused me some!). Up close and personal, as they say. Virtuoso banjo playing of the claw-hammer persuasion, i.e. quite different from the bluegrass-y approach of my niece Mean Mary James. But every bit as good.

Of course, pretty much all the performers there play better than I do. I don’t consider myself a musician — when I’m on stage, I’m an actor playing a musician. On the other hand, I sing as well or better than most and I think I write a pretty good song. I do need to get out and perform occasionally and so intend.

That’s it for the FFF for this year. I’m looking forward to more music and fun and strawberry milkshakes next May.

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