Monday, May 05, 2014

Peanut Road Pix, May 2014

I finally got out the Fuji XP60 I bought last year and snapped some pix around the place. The XP is a waterproof camera I bought to use at the beach (close up surf photos, maybe) but I will almost certainly take it along to the Florida Folk Festival later this month. It may not be a great digital camera but it is better than what I have had up until now.

That doesn't include my 35 mm film camera, of course. I will still be using that occasionally!

 The Robin Hood Rose hedge out front. The dead tree behind is the oak I 'ringed' last year as it was getting too large and too close to the house. It will come down as it comes down.

Little Peach trees along the drive. I have pinched most of the fruit off this year (though you may see a few that I left). Next year, I should have loads.

 Another view of the roses and the peaches and of Peanut Road, too. Also a pile of azaleas I cut down.

The largest of the several mulberries I put in a few years ago, well over double my height now and loaded with fruit a week ago. Reckon the birdies feasted.

The Yuccas will bloom for the first time this year.

Tickseed (native Coreopsis) along the south fence.

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