Thursday, May 08, 2014

When I'm Sixty-Four

At the age of 64, I am quite possibly in the best condition of my life. My weight is about the same as forty-some years ago when I was boxing but I am leaner and have more muscle.

No, I do not have the strength and muscle size I developed later when I seriously did the body building thing, but I was much heavier then and carried too much fat along with the muscles.

My rather high-carb vegetarian (not vegan, I use dairy and eggs) diet certainly plays a role. Since I ceased being a caregiver a little over a year ago, I can eat and exercise as I please. I pretty quickly lost my cravings and taste for the items I gave up (though I’ve never really been that fond of meat). Even shrimp, although most invertebrates are allowed.

Of course, I save a lot of money too on my very simple diet.

Now, I wouldn’t mind gaining back a little of that muscle I had, but not at the expense of gaining body fat. Definition beats size anyway, when it comes to looking good (not to mention being healthy).

I am slowly ramping up my weight-training sessions. They will still be short, high-intensity workouts — that’s what works best for me. And I’m reasonably active otherwise. Taking care of this acre and a half requires it, not to mention bike riding, roller blading, surfing...all things I need to do more!

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