Friday, June 13, 2014

Arrow Song

This is a bit of verse I wrote for incorporation into the next Donzalo novel. It is meant to be part of a funeral ritual (a major character, I won't tell you which one) as part of Kamatian rites.

Kamatianism, which I invented for these books, is a dualistic religion with some resemblance to Zoroastrian beliefs. The Arrow Song here is spoken by the priest for four lines with a two line response by the mourners.

Arrow Song

As an arrow flies my soul,
into darkness, into night;
none whom I have left behind
sees the ending of its flight.

Flies to Kamat, ever watchful,
waiting in the realm of light.

As a comet through the sky,
burning with creation’s flame;
as an arrow flies my soul,
without substance, without name.

Flies to Kamat, ever waiting,
to the one from whence we came.

Stephen Brooke ©2014

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