Thursday, June 05, 2014

Book and Beach

Once again I am in obsessive writer mode and have churned out 11,000 words in two and a half days on the first novella-length section of the next Donzalo novel. Which means the section is roughly half done.

But it's all pretty much 'done' in my head. I let the ideas percolate a good while, made lots of notes (my 'first draft,' so to speak) and then started pouring out a pot of prose. Whether I'll be able to dive right into the next part, I do not know. But I will finish 'The Sign of the Arrow' before summer ends, I suspect.

It really would be great weather to go to the beach and there has been surf. Alas, I have been troubled by a sore back. I think it resulted from the long drive there and back for the Florida Folk Festival, not to mention walking around the park all day (or perching on hard benches and chairs).

But then, I reckon I wouldn't have gotten any writing done if I were at the beach! :)

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