Sunday, June 08, 2014

Of Daughters

So, a week of somewhat intensive (alright, obsessive) writing has ended with a semi-polished draft of the next novella-length section (which I refer to as a 'Tale') of the third Donzalo novel. Just over 23,000 words. I don't know why I seem to think in that size chunk of words when I write but they keep coming out that way.

Maybe a few days off before I tackle the next one? There might be one, there might be two more parts to finish the book I will probably title THE SIGN OF THE ARROW. That depends on how long the next section turns out! I have a broad idea of where things are going but will need to do more outlining (which largely turns into a series of questions about who will do what). We shall see.

I will say that the end of this Tale (with the subtitle 'Of Daughters') ends with the death of a major character. Or the most major so far. That event will largely propel the rest of the book. I have pretty much planned it since I scribbled some notes about the idea for the first book a decade ago.

Semi-polished, I say --- that means the narrative is pretty well fixed but I'll be inclined to tinker with word and phrase and, typically, add some extra descriptive language where needed. When I'm hurrying through a draft, I neither stop to smell the roses nor write about them.

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