Sunday, June 29, 2014

Signing off on the Sign

So, I went into obsessive author mode once again and churned out the third book/novel of the Donzalo’s Destiny saga, to be titled THE SIGN OF THE ARROW. Editing and rewrites to come but it’s pretty close to finished form.

Expect it to be published sometime later this year.

It came out just about the same length as the first two books, around 48,000 words this time, divided into three more-or-less novella-length ‘Tales.’ I’m happy enough with it, both the parts that follow my original ideas and those that were the result of inspiration as I went along. I did find a nice way to wrap this one up with the death of a fairly major character, originally scheduled to be offed near the end of the last book. This works better, I think, as well as clearing space, so to speak, for the action at the conclusion.

When will I hit the fourth and, possibly, last book? Hard to say — I’m recognizing that I probably won’t write anything else important until I get all of this story out of me, so I’d better get onto it! Don’t have a title yet.

Now, on to design, rewrites, etc, etc An author’s work is never done!

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