Monday, June 16, 2014

Sneezes and Sea Breezes

There is far too much pollen in the air right now. We seem to have bypassed the dry season and its respite altogether this year! So I have a choice of being drugged up and drowsy or stuffed up and sneezy — I generally choose the latter so I can try to get things done.

I just realized that this summer marks, more-or-less, my 50th anniversary as a surfer. That’s if I count from the plywood bellyboards (what are referred to as ‘bodyboards’ these days) I made for myself and occasionally borrowing rides on other people’s surfboards. It will be a while yet till the anniversary of owning my own first board.

I’ve decided to do some submissions of my poems again to magazines and competitions. Not that I have been writing much poetry lately. I’ve been more in editor mode when it comes to verse and song, as well as continuing to work on the next novel.

On the subject of the novel, having finished the first novella-length section of the book, I find myself again outlining, making notes, etc. before tackling the narrative. That will come. There have been some fairly large changes in how I see the whole thing playing out, in particularly just what Donzalo’s ‘destiny’ and future is — I’ve essentially abandoned the idea of further adventures for him as a central character and am going to hand those over to his son.

But the actual events of the plot that I originally envisioned a few years ago, mostly still stand.

And finally, as long as I am talking about books, I would like to mention a nice little collection of sea tales I recently read: From the Icy Fingers of the Deep, by Chris Kastle. Ms. Kastle is a folksinger and educator with a maritime bent, now residing over in St. Augustine. These stories are very much in the storyteller tradition, the sort that might be told around the campfire. Or maybe up on the deck, some starry night. Recommended.

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