Thursday, July 24, 2014

Of Brothers

I have finished a good draft of the first ‘Tale’ of the fourth and final (yes, for sure!) Book of Donzalo’s Destiny, THE HAND OF THE SORCERER. It came out a little longer than typical, at a bit over 25,000 words. This section is titled ‘Of Brothers.’ One more tale of similar size and I shall be done.

Except, of course, for rewrites and editing and all sorts of stuff. I could actually see having the novel out before the end of the year if I don’t dawdle. Then...I look back over the previous three books and fix anything that needs fixing. Easy enough when one uses a print on demand plus ebook approach. But time-consuming, still.

Once I finish with that task, I do intend to put all four Books together as one largish novel (which they really are, after all) and offer it, print only. Maybe even in a hardcover edition if anyone shows interest.

If I can shift gears after so much time with Donzalo and his world, I do hope to work on something completely different then. A Serious Literary Novel, maybe. And all those illustration projects I have put off for so long.

Eventually, I do intend to return to Donzalo or, more properly, his friends and world. Old Donni has pretty much made his mark and is going to retire with his lady love, I think. Who will end up being his lady love? The fiery Lady Fachalana? The sweet but murderous spy Ansa? His first love, Princess Lomela? We’ll find out when I finish the last Tale!

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