Friday, July 11, 2014

Stuff About Me

Stuff About Me: Nicknames

I was given the nickname ‘Berz’ – short for Berserk – by my surfing buddies because I would take off on and try to ride any wave, no matter how hopeless. In everyday life, I’m about as non-berserk as they come.

Yet I am totally unwilling to get on a roller coaster or any other such ride. Why? Because I am not in control nor the ‘master of my destiny.’

I was also given the nickname ‘Froggy’ in Junior High because I made the mistake of wearing green socks one day.

Stuff About Me: Pool

I once ‘stooged’ for a friend who was a minor-league pro wrestler. I called myself ‘Hustler Haskell,’ slicked my hair back and carried a pool cue.

Naturally, I also unbuttoned my shirt to the navel and wore a clunky medallion. If the gig had lasted, I might even have grown a pencil mustache.

On the subject of pool cues, I also worked as the manager of a pool hall at one point. But I can’t actually play pool worth a darn.

Stuff About Me: Fat

I was a fat and nonathletic kid. One day, I decided not to be. I became a surfer, a boxer, a bodybuilder. I wrote my own story with myself as the hero.

And maybe I’m more an actor who cast myself than the real thing. Maybe I’m still that little kid, playing the self-made man on any stage I can.

Does it matter?

Stuff About Me: Random

I am an extremely strong responder to any and all drugs. One beer can make me tipsy and a cigar can be a psychedelic trip.

I am largely ambidextrous. I can mirror write quite rapidly with my left hand, though I haven’t much reason to practice it these days, what with doing most of my writing on the computer.

I barely spoke as a child until I discovered the printed word. Then I started talking like a character in a book (and still pretty much do).

I spent time in Nashville, trying to make it as a song writer but had enough sense to not actually move there.

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