Saturday, August 16, 2014

Peaches and Processors

Yesterday, I picked the last half-dozen peaches from my trees. Today, I shall bake the last cobbler from fresh peaches for this year. Never fear, though, there are twenty quarts put away in the freezer. The crop should grow larger over coming years — this was, after all, really the first time I had enough to bother with them. I do think I shall need to can them next year or, maybe, purchase a small chest freezer.

Now, the pears are about ready. There will be an attempt to can a few of those, perhaps in the form of pear sauce. No room for frozen ones! It may be a while before I have more than the one old tree bearing but I have put in several small ones that will have fruit eventually. These are the ‘hard’ pears for cooking, not for fresh eating (though one certainly can eat them right off the tree).

* * *

I’ve taken a little hiatus from working on the novel while I attend to other necessary chores. This does not mean that I have forgotten it — I find myself jotting down ideas and bits of dialog from time to time. I probably needed to let the story develop in my mind this way for a little while. I am not one to just sit down and start writing without a good idea of where I am going.

And I continue to use Open Office Write as my primary word processor. I am sure Libre Office is every bit as good. I did come close to switching over when development of OO came to a halt for a while before it was handed over to Apache and elements of IBM’s Lotus variant were added in.

But the Open Office suite is, it must be admitted, rather bloated. I don’t really need most of the other components. I have fooled with the spreadsheet but haven’t much use for it. The Draw program is okay for some simple layout applications but, then, I have and use Corel Draw quite a bit so I don’t really need the OO offering.

I tried out AbiWord recently to see if using a ‘lighter’ word processing program (especially on my notebook) would make sense but have since deleted it. The reason might seem trivial but it boils down to the fact that AbiWord will not automatically add en-dashes and em-dashes to my writing. I do not have time to type in an ‘alt+’ code each time I need these. Still, it is better than using the execrable Microsoft WordPad!

* * *

Although I am officially retired from location recording, I may come out of that retirement briefly and go record my friend Lynda’s piano recital out in Marshall Texas. She left Tuskegee a couple years ago and now teaches at Wiley College. We briefly lost touch while each dealt with the problems in our own lives (I was concentrating on my mom’s care in her final years) but got back into contact around last Christmas.

It’s an opportunity to get out and do something and to reconnect with someone who is important in my life. So we shall see.

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