Monday, August 25, 2014

Pear Season

Peach season is over but that only means that it is time for pears. And I have plenty of them, the hard(ish) cooking pears. Not that one can’t eat them fresh, though it is best if one removes the heavy peel first.

I processed my first batch of them a few days ago, cooking up the slices mostly to see how they would come out and if I wanted to bother with an attempt at canning. I must say, the result had about as much flavor as paper and was not much sweeter. So I ran them through the food processor to see if they would be acceptable as sauce.

Now I use a fair amount of apple sauce in my baking — it is a good and somewhat healthful substitute for some of the sugar and shortening (incidentally, I also employ prune juice in this manner at times). I tried out my pear sauce as a replacement and it seemed to bake up quite nicely and taste fine. However, the spice bread I made was definitely drier than usual the next day, so I suppose the pears are not a perfect substitute.

But I may process more anyway, and put up some slices as well. I don’t know if I’ll bother to can though, just freeze a few quarts. And I will be baking something with fresh pears soon. It’s been too hot here the last week to bake at all!

I reckon this was probably the worst heat wave of the summer and, truly, the only really bad one we have had. That’s not doing so bad considering we are entering late August already. Yep, fall is on the way and kids are back in school. That means both more chance of surf and fewer people in the water when there are waves.

If I did not so detest cold weather, I would be welcoming the coming of winter.

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