Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Hand Is At Hand

I have a good, more-or-less print-ready manuscript of the fourth and final book of ‘Donzalo’s Destiny’ finished. This last installment, ‘The Hand of the Sorcerer,’ ran some 15,000 words longer than its predecessors — still not a particularly long book.

But all four books together actually form one novel of just over 200,000 words. And that is with my relatively spare writing style. Were I one to add lots of descriptive detail, it might well have run quite a bit longer.

At this point, the projected official release date is the First of December, which means it should be available a couple days before for ‘Cyber Saturday.’ Anyway, one will definitely be able to purchase a copy before Christmas (from Arachis Press).

Naturally, I shall continue to rewrite and polish the text right up to the last minute, but the main job now is design and formatting. That is partially done — I’ve been making up dummy covers for some time! I also hope to get a video book trailer ready, the same sort of simple slide show I did for the previous three DD books. I have already composed a couple possible sound tracks for use.

Perhaps I shall post here a little more frequently now. I have been very much obsessed with getting ‘Hand’ finished to the detriment of any other creative work. I’ve barely touched a musical instrument in months, nor picked up a paint brush.

Not to mention all those waves left unridden down at the beach.

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