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Friday, January 16, 2015

Progress Report

I continue to work on revising all the titles offered by the Arachis Press. The poetry chapbook, PIECES OF THE MOON, is now finished and should be appearing in a new edition at various vendors. This was the first book we published, back when we were still the Nihil Crocodile Press.

New versions of the Young Adult novel, THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, should be ready soon — the end of this month or early next, most likely. Then, I shall probably tackle the poetry collection DREAMWINDS, before moving on to the Donzalo novels.

As far as writing new stuff goes, I think the ‘serious’ contemporary novel will be set aside for a while and I shall attempt to dash off a fantasy adventure I have had on my mind, tentatively titled COAST OF SPEARS. This novel will be set – as a starting point – in the early Twentieth Century and then find its way to lands ‘beyond the field we know,’ as Lord Dunsany put it.

Right up front, I shall admit that it will show some definite Burroughs influence (That’s Edgar Rice, not William.). And it does take place (eventually) in the same world as the Donzalo books, but millennia earlier.

There are still those books that need illustrations, of course. Someday perhaps I can get onto those. Children’s books, poetry collections, and so on — I am not able to muster much enthusiasm for art work these days. Indeed, I must admit to have hardly painted for the last twelve years, despite considering myself primarily an artist up to that time. Most of my output since has been illustration and design, and my focus shifted largely to writing.

Incidentally, the protagonist of the new novel-in-progress will be an artist — not a Bohemian type but a polished society portraitist of his time, hobnobbing with the rich and powerful.

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