Saturday, February 28, 2015

To Print or Not to Print

I have been in the process of revising all my books and getting new and corrected editions available. This has included making certain that the ebook versions were properly prepared and ready for sale at the major vendors, including Amazon. Yes, most of my stuff will now be available for Kindle.

However, I have never attempted to have my print books distributed, preferring to sell them through my own site (via Lulu). The primary reason was that it would require reformatting many of the books; a secondary reason is that the profit margin would be way smaller! I am still leery of trying out print distribution, although the simplest program, which includes Barnes & Noble and Amazon, costs nothing.

And my books and their ISBNs are listed at Bowker, so if a bookstore really wanted to make the effort they could find me and order from Arachis Press. That is an unlikely scenario, of course.

As I finish off the revision process over this month, I am going to attempt distribution of my most recent poetry chapbook, RETELLINGS. As far as I can tell, it meets all the formatting requirements. Unfortunately, the first two poetry books would have to be redesigned as perfect-bound editions, as their current saddle-stitched format will not be accepted. We shall see if I can get RETELLINGS out there and then see about the other books. In time.

I would probably never bother with the four Donzalo books but I do want distribution for the combined volume of DONZALO’S DESTINY. There will be, quite possibly, a hardcover version as well as the paperback. I am not hurrying on this — before the end of the year is good enough. Future novels will probably be designed with distribution in mind, as well.

This assumes that my experiment with these two books works out. If it proves too much trouble (or the profit is too small — I’d rather not raise prices), I will just forget about it and sell direct, as before. But if no serious problems arise, expect most of my books at Arachis Press to eventually show up at various retailers in print editions.

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