Wednesday, March 04, 2015

No Donzalo

A part of what I wrote in the last post is not longer true --- there will be no all-in-one print volume of 'Donzalo's Destiny.' At least not now.

The formatting of a 740 page, 206,000 word (plus illustrations) book was a bit too much for both me and this computer (my more muscular dedicated music recording PC might be up to the task but I don't intend to use it), and I realized that such a book was, perhaps, not practical --- that length is right at the acceptable upper limit for distribution. So DD will continue to be sold in the current four volumes.

And I will, eventually, reformat those four novels to match distribution requirements (if possible) and get them out to B&N, Amazon, etc. Of course, one can purchase the ebook versions at those vendors now and the print books are available through

Anyway, I still intend to try getting the poetry chapbook,'Retellings' submitted for distribution sometime this month. Indeed, all the Arachis Press books will have been revised by the end of March. Then I'll get around, as time and interest allows, to seeing about the distribution thing.

* * *

In other news, I shall finally be on the road again (after several years hiatus) and off to the Will McLean music festival the weekend of March 13-15. The full festival experience, camping and all. I haven't done that in, I think, eight years. My niece, Mean Mary James, will be among the performers. This festival is down in central Florida, near Dade City, and is near the perfect time for such an event, weather-wise.

Maybe by next year, I'll have myself together enough to switch from spectator to performer. This year, I'm just working on getting my camping gear sorted out!

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