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Monday, March 16, 2015

Two Weekend Pieces

I spent my weekend at the Will McLean Folk Festival, down near Dade City FL. Used to be a regular but I had about an eight year hiatus there while I did the caregiver thing. It was good to be back!

But kind of far to go. Twice the distance as where I used to live. I don't know if I'll go again unless as a performer. Must get some recordings together to apply to these venues!

I did some writing, too. This first is a poem I had partly finished on my laptop and just more-or-less completed today:


was always the promise,
waiting only for us
to turn the page

or turn the age.
The next year, the next
chapter, brings the child
home at last,

all the past
a story poorly
told, our fairy tale's
unhappy ending,

endless wending
across the divide.
It awaits us still,
over there,
and nowhere.

Stephen Brooke ©2015

Now, just to prove that I can be a low-brow rock-n-roller as well as a sensitive sophisty-kated poet guy. Someone at the festival told me that she set her cruise control to 7 mph over the limit when she traveled on the Interstate. I was almost home last night when I took sudden inspiration from that (must have been floating around somewhere in my head) and had to pull over and scribble this down:

Got my cruise-control set to seventy-seven,
On my way to a bit of heaven
She said don’t be late,
So I won’t hesitate;
Got my cruise-control set to seventy-seven.

Behind the wheel of my Ford Mustang,
On my way to my sweet thang.
She said please hurry,
But she shouldn’t worry;
I’m behind the wheel of my Ford Mustang.

Cruise control set real high,
Breakin’ the law, I won’t lie.
Way over the limit but I don’t care —
Seventy-seven’s gonna get me there.

On the road, got my cruise-control on,
Gonna make it to her door by dawn.
Drive it all night,
Toward the mornin’ light;
On the road, got my cruise-control on.

instrumental noise here, repeat chorus and first verse

Stephen Brooke ©2015

Needs work of course (but how much can one polish something like this?) and the music part finished up properly.

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