Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Myth

This was written as part of the back-story for the novel-in-progress, 'Coast of Spears.' Chances are, it will never actually show up in the book, but that is not the point of something like this --- it is to help me understand the characters and the cultures in which they 'exist.' It is very, very loosely inspired by certain myths of the Malay cultures. And by Lord Dunsany, of course.

Before one thing followed another, the First sat alone. How long, we can not say; an instant and eternity were then the same. The First was and was not, for neither substance nor time existed.

I will become, said the First, and was, becoming all being, but had yet no form, nor moved either here or there, forward or back.

Then, one part sank and one part rose. That which rose took the form of a shining bird, and that was Mihasa. That which sank into the depths became a serpent, Bagap.

In the darkness, the Snake raised itself up and gazed upon the bird, wishing to devour it, to become all. But the Bird also desired to consume the snake, and took it in her horny beak and swallowed it down.

In her nest, Mihasa laid then three eggs. From the eggs hatched the first gods and these were Lacu, Time, and Maco, Storm, and Lugan, Sleep. They shaped all things into that which is, forming the world of the essence of the First.

To feed the three, Mihasa disgorged the Snake. But the gods, seeing their father spat out in pieces, put him together again and returned him to his realm, and Bagap is the Snake who dwells in the sea, while Mihasa is the Sun Bird who flies across the sky each day.

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