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Sunday, April 26, 2015


I have pretty much of a finished text for the first half of my upcoming novel, COAST OF SPEARS, about 30,000 words. Any further revision should be editing, not rewriting.

I decided to follow the Michael Moorcock method of novel writing for this book, dividing the structure into four sections of about 15,000 words each, and each with its own narrative arc. Since I tend to write in novella-sized chunks anyway, this came pretty naturally to me. Of course (like, apparently, Moorcock), I have lots of notes and outlining ready preceding the actual text, so in some respects my writing is a sort of ‘painting by numbers.’

So now to finish off with the writing/rewriting of the second half, and it should be out sometime this summer. I’ll most likely to obsess over it and finish fairly quickly, ignoring everything else for a while. Then, on to other projects — I should pick up an instrument and practice one of these days.

Speaking of which, I do intend to make it to the Florida Folk Festival on Memorial Day weekend. Whether the whole affair or just one day, I’ve not decided (and may not until the last moment). I guess I should change the oil in the old pickup before heading over to White Springs.

I’ve mentioned before that I never considered myself a ‘writer’ until about fifteen years ago. I was an artist, and only occasionally did a nonfiction article for magazines. Now, it’s been ages since I turned out a painting. Only allowed one obsession at a time, I suppose.

Expect COAST OF SPEARS to appear before too long. We (Arachis Press) are going to go for print distribution to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc. right from the start on this one. And, eventually, We may get the other books to those vendors too. Of course, as always, the ebook will be available pretty much everywhere.

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