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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Week

Last weekend, I did get over to the Florida Folk Festival, Friday only, for a bit of music and catching up. I do not think I will do that again; next time it will be the whole weekend or not at all. Ideally, with me as a performer, of course.

My niece, Mean Mary James, was there performing and we did hang out some. She won't be back next year; has another European tour planned for that time.

I decided to take my bike with me this time to get around the place more easily. Good decision, all in all, but I did have an accident. No, I didn't fall off the bicycle. I fell over the bicycle getting it out of the truck bed, before ever getting into the festival, and bled a bit. Nothing broken or torn though, so the day was generally okay although my leg was stiffening up some before it was over.

And the seven or so hours of driving stiffens up the back too. I probably shouldn't have thrown myself into work around this place when I go back because sometime during the night on Saturday, I tore something badly in my lower back/left hip. That's an old injury that I manage to revisit every now and again but this might have been the worst ever. Part of getting older?

Anyway, I spent most of this last week lying on my back watching TV and being incredibly bored. Unfortunately, even sitting in my office chair in front of the computer (or in bed with a laptop) was too painful to do for more than a few minutes at a time. But I did manage to finish reading 'Moby Dick.'

I also managed to finish off and upload all the files for my new fantasy-adventure novel, COAST OF SPEARS, to the printer this week. It is available in print and ebook versions at the Arachis Press store at Lulu now, and should appear pretty much everywhere over the next six to eight weeks. We did have to set the price higher with distribution costs what they are — official list price is 19.99, but that is discounted to 15.99 directly. Ebooks remain at a reasonable 2.99.

If/when the rest of the books get put into wider distribution (we're in no great hurry on this), the list prices there will go up too.

Next project will be a completely revised website. I could probably upload a bit of a bare bones site right now, just to hold the space, including pages for mobile devices. Soon. Incidentally, I decided to jettison my '' domain. Its renewal was coming up and I realized I just don't need or use it. I might rethink '' next year, too; the other four domains remain useful.

And now on to the next book project. A sequel to COAST OF SPEARS? Maybe. Eventually, for sure, but I might get into something else first. Perhaps that 'serious' contemporary novel. We'll see.

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