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Monday, May 11, 2015


I think it is about time for an across the board price increase for all (or most of) my print books from Arachis Press. Not for the ebooks — those are fine as currently priced.

This is in part because of the plan to get editions out to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and, for that matter, available for order at your local book store. At the current ‘direct’ pricing via our printer, the profit is small but acceptable (I don’t expect to get rich off of them!), but it just about disappears at the other retailers.

So, maybe something like a dollar increase for the poetry titles. These are ‘loss leaders’ and were never priced with profit in mind. From 7.50 to 8.50? Or maybe just 7.99 — I’ll decide eventually. The novels will see a bigger increase; I may not set that until I work out just how much I would actually make at places like Amazon.

But the current 9.50 on the Donzalo novels is definitely too low. I see books of similar size with twice that price tag! Anyway, I do promise that they will still be reasonably priced.

In other news, I reached the final pivot point/plot twist in my write/rewrite of COAST OF SPEARS and am near to the final draft for the whole novel. It ended up just a tad longer than originally envisioned (and I still cut stuff!) but will be a reasonable length. It is not a long and weighty novel, nor was it ever intended to be.

But it is, perhaps, a little less of a mindless adventure than I first envisioned. I guess I’m not cut out for mindless.

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