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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rewrites and Calendars

I have gone through a couple moderately extensive rewrites on 'Shaper,' the next novel, and it is probably pretty close to final form. Unlike the previous novel, which was written to a formula and a well-developed outline, this one was created a little more 'free form,' so there were things that needed tidying up. 'Coast of Spear' needed pretty much nothing but a bit of editing, a word change here and there.

Of course, there was something of an outline for this one, and plenty of notes on the characters and their environment. I knew where all the streets and stores in Cully Beach were before I started writing. I knew some of the floor plans, too. I knew where the best surf breaks were and what time school let out. Not having to wing those sorts of things really speeds up the writing process once one sits down and tackles the narrative.

But I flubbed my time-line a little and had to go back and rewrite some things to fix that. That was partly because I didn't have a calendar for the year the story was set, 2000, and didn't have working internet to find one. I eventually worked it out in my head – correctly, it turns out! – and straightened things out. It actually let me put my ending closer to Christmas day, which was an improvement, and tighten up events.

Any-the-way, onward and upward with the publishing of this novel. Probably a September release date. The 15th, maybe? Don't want to crowd it in too closely to the release of 'Awful Alvin.' No later than October 1, I am sure.

Speaking of 'Alvin,' all versions, print and ebook, are now available at our store at Lulu: It should show up at retailers around the internet over the next month. Incidentally, “Coast of Spears” is now at Amazon if one must buy there.

And then, the next poetry collection, to be named “The Tower,” before the end of the year. November, most likely, in time for your Christmas shopping!

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