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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Worlds Apart, a song lyric

I'm back from my four days visiting in Nashville. Might have more to say about that later. Sunday morning, at my niece's home, while everyone else was still asleep (I'm going to wake up at five-ish, no matter how late a night it was), I had nothing better to do so I sat down and popped out this somewhat mediocre song. Music too. Somewhat country, I suppose. The 'four-hundred miles and too many years' phrase had come to me the previous evening and I knew I had to use it. Incidentally, the 'years' originally referred to an age difference but it could be interpreted in other ways here.

This piece will probably not be worth developing and just sit in my files, but I had to get it out of my system.

Worlds Apart

Four-hundred miles and too many years
stand between you and me;
too tall a mountain, too broad a river,
too far for us to be.
Too far for me to ever cross
the fences built by time;
you must live in this world of yours,
I'll abide in mine.

Worlds apart, worlds apart,
where do we end when there's no place to start?
There's too much to give, too little to live,
when we remain worlds apart.
Worlds apart, worlds apart,
How far can a man promise his heart?
Too far to fly but I had to try;
you and I, worlds apart.

I thought once I had glimpsed the shore,
might reach the other side;
but every ship that I have launched
was lost on the tide.
For loss came close behind each gain,
as night will follow day;
four-hundred miles and too many years
can not be swept away.

Stephen Brooke ©2015

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