Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Inverted, a poem


The role of the poet
is to describe the world
while standing on his head.

Who will recognize
her own house
from these upside-down

words? Will birds
alight in such
a garden? I've inverted

my world and now
is somehow past
and you write poems of me,

as the coins
slip from my pockets
and into the empty sky.

Stephen Brooke ©2015

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Back to the Book

My latest novel, SHAPER, is officially out today (Sept 1, 2015) and available directly from Arachis Press or at Barnes&Noble, Amazon, etc. in both print and ebook formats. Discounts are available (plus I get a better cut) if it is purchased direct so I definitely recommend that!

As far as books go, I have been working on the sequel to COAST OF SPEARS, a novel that will be titled VALLEY OF VISIONS. This should be the second of a trilogy making up the “Malvern saga.” Written, like the first novel, in four sections, I was churning along and had good drafts of the first three parts (around 45,000 words) when I badly hurt my hip and ended up lying flat for a couple weeks. I'll get back to finish the book up eventually; there is no great hurry and it should be out early next year. Of course, I have a loose outline and know where it all is going.

Just now getting up and about some. Lots to do! I do need to shift my attention to the music side of things for a while, maybe get an application sent to the Florida Folk Festival and definitely submit something to the Will McLean Festival. When I don't hurt too much, I've been getting the home studio turned around and ready for use.

Speaking of recording, my friend Lynda wants me to come out to Texas for a couple weeks and engineer/co-produce a recording session for her. Load of logistics to work out there but I just might try it — it's only 600 miles, after all. Ha, maybe I'll just keep driving when we're done and finally get to California. Surfing there is on my bucket list.

Back to books — I continue to revise some of the older titles for distribution, even though I am not sure it is worth the effort. Do I actually need Amazon and the rest for my print work? Ebooks, yes, but I don't know about the print versions. Oh, I might as well. I'll have the new version of the YA novel THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE available this month, most likely.

Then, a new chapbook of poetry before the end of the year. This one will be titled THE TOWER. It is not as thematic as the last two, though there is still a underlying 'quest' implied in the choice of pieces. There will be more recent work in this one.

So, I'm back, sort of. As long as I don't hurt myself and disappear again!