Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Books Keep Coming

I have started the process of getting my files for VALLEY OF VISIONS uploaded for printing and distribution, with hopes of the book being generally available by the time of its official release date, January 2. That might or might not happen, though it almost certainly will be in our own store well before then.

I am reasonably pleased with VOV. Perhaps it is not quite as tightly plotted as the novel to which it is a sequel, COAST OF SPEARS, being a tad episodic. As it is based around a journey, this should perhaps be expected. It does follow the same basic setup, being in four somewhat distinct sections, each with its own arc, and adding up to around 60,000 words. In other words, I followed the Michael Moorcock model again, to some degree.

VALLEY does answer many of the questions posed in COAST, but does not bring the Malvern story to a close. That should occur in the third novel, HERO FROM THE SEA. Still in outline stage, so you will have to wait a little while.

Simultaneously, I have been revising all four of the “Donzalo's Destiny” volumes for wider print distribution (and fixing minor flaws in all editions, while I am at it). The first two books (I won't call them novels, for the whole Donzalo tale is truly one novel of a bit over 200,000 words) are up and I am currently getting the third one uploaded. The revised versions are immediately available at the Arachis Press store (at AP's distributor, Lulu Enterprises) but take varying amounts of time to appear elsewhere. Probably the fourth and final book will be ready early next year. This will mean almost all my books will be available everywhere both in print and ebook formats (including Kindle) at last. The one exception is THE ART OF K. PAGE BROOKE, the retrospective of my mother's art career. That would not have wide enough interest, I think, but of course it is available direct.

Lots of novel projects in my mind right now. I should pick one and start writing on it.

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