Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I Could Do Worse, a poem

I Could Do Worse

I could do far worse than you,
far worse, my darling, it is true;
so why should I seek someone new?
Yes, my darling — you will do!

Women come in many sizes —
some of these, men consider prizes;
you might be large but compromises
must be made, one recognizes.

Fair faces inspire many a verse;
yours may be plain but I could do worse,
for ample, too is the size of your purse —
being penniless is my curse!

I would not scorn to share your bed;
just leave room enough to lay my head,
and from that day we're lawfully wed,
both of us shall be well fed.

At least I know you through and through,
thick though you are; I've naught to rue.
Yes, my darling, you will do —
I could do far worse than you!

Stephen Brooke ©2015

Another bit of somewhat silly light verse that might appear in a novel, eventually. In that context, of course, it not PC-ness is permissible. :)

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