Sunday, November 22, 2015

Monkey King, a poem

Monkey King

Life is a tree-full of monkeys
and I am the king of them all!
I climb to the highest of branches,
I know where the best fruits will fall.
Each monkey girl adores me,
they come to me when I might call;
Is anything better than being
a king in a tree standing tall?

I am the king of the monkeys,
against me no others avail,
for I have the sharpest of teeth,
the longest and most curly tail.
And if by misfortune I spy
the face of some poor lesser male,
I chase him along leafy ways;
the monkey king never shall fail!

Life is a tree-full of monkeys,
where I sit high on my throne;
the females all vie for my grooming,
so I don't sit there alone!
I'm sure I shall be king forever,
the greatest that my kind has known —
the mightiest monarch of monkeys,
and no tree as fine as my own!

Stephen Brooke ©2015

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