Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not the Hero

I have be rereading “King Solomon's Mines” lately. The second time, I am pretty sure, unless one counts the Classics Illustrated version I had when I was perhaps eight or nine. I'm sure I read through that more than once, or even twice.

Anyway, I am recognizing that I cribbed a bit from it for my latest novel, “Valley of Visions.” Not the plot, you understand, but the setting and the crossing of the mountains, including the finding of the road on the far side. I had quite forgotten that detail but, sure enough, I put it into my story.

I think my Michael Malvern may also have been, in part, inspired by Allan Quartermain. Both are competent but neither quite steps into that cliched role of 'white savior' that they might. Quartermain tends to play something of a supporting part in H. Rider Haggard's novel, not the hero, and that was always my intention with Malvern. I just hadn't thought about where I might have stolen that idea!

Of course, “Valley” is a completely different book, whatever inspirations and influences might have led to its writing. Don't expect any more similarities than those I have mentioned.

“Valley of Visions” is to be officially released on January 2 of next year, the first weekend of 2016. That's a good time to use those Amazon gift certificates, right? As usual, the book should show up at various vendors before that date, both in print and ebook. Definitely at Arachis Press as a direct sale.

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