Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Stupid Phone

I seriously considered upgrading to a smart phone. Really, I did. For three years now, I have depended on the stupidest and cheapest of phones that I rarely use for anything — it's there for emergency use and because one must have a phone number for all sorts of things. It was cheaper to have the prepaid cell than a land line or I would never have changed over.

And internet via phone line never became available here, even though AT&T promised it was immanent when I moved in eight years ago. If cable internet were available, I would probably get an online number and use that, but VOP does not work well with a satellite connection, which is pretty much my only option out here in the boonies.

For that matter, my cell reception is pretty iffy here, or I might have had more reason to go to the smart phone. Not much good if one can't get a connection, is it?

So I depend on a big and somewhat powerful desktop computer most of the time to stay in contact with the world. I need that for graphics work, music recording, etc. anyway. What would I do with a smart phone? Well, I could take credit card payments when I'm out on the road with my books. Or music, if I ever get myself back into that. And I could text my friends without cursing that tiny keyboard that always makes me mess up something.

Anyway, it was time to pay up for another year of prepaid service. I did peruse the smart phones that I could move up to. But instead, I laid out 150 bucks and now have service for not one but two more years. Even if that service kind of stinks. If I need it, I'll upgrade some other time.

And if I can afford. That's always a factor!

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