Monday, December 14, 2015

A Start on Eggshell Boats

One reason I am starting a magazine (Eggshell Boats, coming soon!) is that the blog has become a far less useful place to share opinions and ideas than it once was. I don't do that very much here anymore; in part, that is because I now tend to slip my ideas into my fiction, but also because places like FaceBook and Twitter are where people share these sorts of things now. There or on magazine/news sites.

Which is not to say that I will not continue to maintain multiple blogs. But they have become places for announcements, or to share bits of poetry and such. Essays, opinion pieces, reviews — those will go to the magazine. Or at least a blog connected to the magazine.

There is a lot to think of yet before the official launch. Go with pages at the Insolent Lad site? Use Word Press or a similar platform? Have the individual issues on web pages or as downloadable ebooks? I have taken the first step by setting up a blog at Word Press, It is just possible that I will direct my domain there. But not right now.

Maybe I shall put some reviews there. I haven't decided about that sort of thing yet. I will post news and an occasional essay, and take it from there.

Anyway, it is another project to keep me busy. If I did not have such I would become terminally bored. And I mean terminal quite literally. Fortunately, I am plowing through the writing of the next novel (took a while to get myself going) so that will take my attention for a while. And I have plenty of ideas for the one after it.

Darn, I need to work in more beach time too.

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