Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Eggshell Boats

So...I decided to finally take steps toward creating another online magazine and registered a new domain name. Paid for ten years so I have to use it! The name of the site and magazine is Eggshell Boats — to be located at I'll have to work on a logo; until recently I had thought I would call it the Arachis Review but I decided I didn't want it too closely identified with the Arachis Press. I like this name way more anyway, but it might call for a slightly less formal look than I had in mind.

I shall probably launch as a review site and take it from there. I hope to develop Eggshell into a full literary magazine (of sorts, anyway) in time. A few of you will know that I attempted such a magazine a few years back but closed down after two issues because of the demands of being a full-time caregiver for my mother in her final days. I don't have anyone to take care of but myself now. Though that is pretty much a full-time job too.

It will also be a place where I can spout off in editorial/essay form. Or others might, for that matter. There is much to think about, most importantly the money part of it. I'll work on setting things up and launch some time next year.

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