Monday, December 21, 2015

Hero Update 2

To the end of the second section (again, of four) on the novel in progress, near 32,000 words. That's right on track for what I planned; of course, word counts may change a bit, usually increase slightly where I see a need for more clarity in description.

We end part two with a wedding, and happiness, but with ominous undertones. Must have those, you know, or there would be no need for parts three and four!

Feel good about what I've written so far and, as always, it is fairly close to the finished product. Any plot holes and such are usually plugged way back in the plotting and outlining phase, so no worries there. Admittedly, there might have been more action but I hate throwing in a crisis every three pages just for the sake of having one. And they do get tiresome if one has too many.

So, I shall get back to HERO FROM THE SEA and finish the next section in a while. How soon, there is no telling, especially with the distractions at this time of year. War coming up, I do believe, and death and destruction and all that kind of stuff!

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