Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hero Update

I have completed writing the narrative for the first section (of four) for my next novel, HERO FROM THE SEA, 15,800 words. This is the third book of the Malvern series, sequel to COAST OF SPEARS and VALLEY OF VISIONS.

Only this first part was fully plotted, but in the writing of the text plenty of thoughts presented themselves for outlining what follows. This part took about three days to write; now I will have to do some more planning before plowing into the next.

I still haven't decided whether to kill off a VERY major character near the end of the book. But I have written out the scene. We shall see.

This is the same formula I used for the two previous Malvern novels, and somewhat based on Michael Moorcock's recommendations. Four sections, each around 15,000 words, each with its own arc. It's surprising how close the books match up with this idea when they are completed. Maybe I just naturally think in chunks of story that size.

But this is for a rather straightforward adventure novel. I would not use it for other sorts of books. Writing it in first person also allows for more streamlining — only one point of view to worry about! My Donzalo books admittedly got a bit complicated as we jumped from character to character.

How soon will I finish the whole novel? Hard to say. Possibly as soon as the end of the year, possibly as late as a couple months into the next. Then on to other projects!

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