Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Gallows Wait, a song

The Gallows Wait
a tavern song

He put a knife
into his wife,
then slew her lover too;
the gallows wait
at hell's gate,
for his judgment's due.

The devil is paid
when you use your blade
on a woman, though she cheat;
you might try to flee
but caught you'll be,
and die kicking your feet.

On all the earth
is any wench worth
the stretching of your neck?
Let one go
and before you know,
another's at your beck.

Is there a noose
resting loose
upon your shoulders now?
Let jealousy be,
don't hang from that tree
o'er the breaking of a vow!

Stephen Brooke ©2015

This song lyric is written to fit into a fantasy novel, sung by men, obviously (maybe pirates or similar sorts), in a tavern. It is not for the novel on which I am currently supposed to be working, but would appear in a projected Donzalo sequel --- for which I keep jotting down notes even though I should be writing HERO FROM THE SEA.

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