Monday, December 21, 2015


In the land of Lama, the great valley of the River Weldar, they would celebrate the Yule today. In the hills of the Cuddon, too, there would be festivity, and across the mountains in Sharsh.

The Lamans would offer prayer to Kamat, the great god of light, the god of Being, who again triumphed over the Void. That it was only symbolic and that Kamat was far greater than the returning sun, they knew, but it was a good symbol and worth the celebrating.

Elsewhere, different gods were honored. The feasting, however, was just as merry and the gifts as plentiful. There would be kisses beneath the greenery hung in every threshold. There would be young women in the arms of young men, dreaming before the Yule log. Women and men not so young, as well.

Let the cold winds blow. The mid-winter had come and the wheel of the heavens turned on. Spring would follow, and other feasts, on other days.

Stephen Brooke ©2015

This little passage would refer to the world of my Donzalo novels. It is not actually to be found in one of those but could always show up in a new one. So a Merry Yuletide to all!

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