Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hero Update Four

I have finished writing the narrative on my current novel-in-progress, HERO FROM THE SEA. It came out pretty much as planned, 60 chapters divided into four nearly equal sections, a bit over 60,000 words total (almost 64,000 actually, only a tad longer than the first two Malvern novels). As I tend to go back and rewrite a lot as I work (it helps keep things fresh in my head), there will not be a huge amount of editing now. Some, of course.

So we can expect a release in the near future. March, most likely. Although it should be ready by the beginning of that month, I do not wish to follow VALLEY OF VISIONS too closely with it, so more likely it will be mid-month.

This does finish the Malvern trilogy. Michael Malvern, known as Marareta to the Mora among whom he dwells, will not star in any more novels, I am pretty sure. However, there is an infant son and various interesting supporting characters. I might ask them for their stories one of these days.

One of the choices I debated some in the writing of HftS was the death of a major supporting character. Until fairly late, I was undecided between two possibilities (I killed of some others earlier, but they were doomed from the start). Eventually, the direction of the narrative told me which should go. However, I do not intend to let you in on it — read the book!

And a VERY major character goes in the last chapters. I hate killing off these people; I know them so well by the time I've finished a book. Was it a good choice? Would a happily ever after ending been better? Who knows? This was the story I had and I told it.

What next? I have definite ideas for more Lama books (the world of Donzalo's Destiny). Or maybe something contemporary and sort of literary.

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