Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year and All That

Okay, perhaps I am not quite perfect, but at 65 years of age I weigh what I did in my early twenties but have more muscle. I am turning out a couple novels a year and poetry that at least a few folks like. I think I'm finally getting the hang of things!

Still have my hair and good looks too but that's Gods doing, not mine. :)

So, tomorrow is the official launch of VALLEY OF VISIONS, the second of my Malvern novels. It has been available here and there for a while already so the release date is sort of meaningless, just there so that there IS a date. I continue to churn through the writing of its sequel, HERO FROM THE SEA, after taking a few days off to recharge. 52,000 words in, i.e. about five-sixths of the way if all continues according to plan. Expect it to show up sometime this spring, depending on rewrites and edits. Maybe in March. Here's a preview of the cover:

Then on to something else. Maybe another Lama book (sequel to the Donzalo stuff?) or another contemporary novel. We shall see.

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