Friday, January 22, 2016

Winding Down, Winding Up

I am now in the process of getting my fully edited and formatted files for HERO FROM THE SEA uploaded. My proof copy of the print version should come to me in a few days; once that is approved, it should become available everywhere in a few weeks. Ideally, by the 'official' release date of March 12.

But it will become available at the Arachis Press site immediately. The same is true of the ebook versions — I should finish getting all those files up shortly.

In the mean time, possibly getting into the writing of the next novel. That is, I've written a few passages, made some notes, did some very rudimentary outlining. Whether I'll buckle down to it or switch to some other project, I do not know. It is not the book I thought I would be writing next!

But it is an idea I jotted down ages ago, a story set in the same places, more or less, as the Donzalo tales, but approximately 1,400 years earlier. That means a very different political situation and a very different level of technology — one more like Late Antiquity. It should not be anything very ambitious, a fairly straight-forward 'quest' story without a lot of philosophical baggage to carry. No tormented soul-searchers in this one.

No title yet (other than a 'working title' of THE FOUR JEWELS — that almost certainly will be replaced). I'll think of something appropriate in time. Also, back to a third person narrative here. I've done enough writing in the first person for a while. So, I might keep working on this, or I might get interested in another idea, or I might just go do something else a while. We'll see.

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