Sunday, February 14, 2016

Eyes on "Eyes"

This is a mock-up of a possible cover (just an idea at this point, really) for what will probably be my next novel, THE EYES OF THE WIND. In that "Eyes" exists mostly in outline form at the moment, there is no hurry on getting a cover ready! That does not prevent me from messing about when I have a spare moment or three.

That is based on a painting by a Romantic (19th Century) artist and is therefore a public domain image. I thought perhaps I would move away from those silhouette pictures I have been creating for my covers. Those were to 'brand' me, sort of, create a distinctive and recognizable look.

Whether I shall use this image or find another or go some other direction, I do not know. Right now, I need to get back to writing  the novel. Incidentally, the Eyes in the book are four jewels, scattered to the four quarters of the wind, that the protagonist needs to find and reunite. Which sounds like standard fantasy fare, stated so, but I promise it will be something more.

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