Wednesday, February 03, 2016

WillFest 2016

I went ahead and committed to driving down to the Will McLean Festival on March 11-13, ordering my ticket online. Now I have to go. It IS a rather long drive and I need a cat-sitter while I am gone, but it is also sort of my traditional coming-out-of-hibernation event. I used to go every year, but between being a care-giver and moving some 175 miles further away, I missed it for a while.

But I did get back last year and now shall this year too. No family there this time around, as my niece 'Mean Mary' will be touring in Oregon and Washington around then. It looks like she will miss the Florida Folk Festival too, though she should be back from her European jaunt by then. I'll probably make it to the FFF, at least for one day.

I shall camp, of course, but not even attempt to get there in time to claim a site with water and electric. Those all fill up early — last year, I came in on Thursday afternoon and nothing was left. So I'll be 'up on the hill' in a primitive site, and shall make sure to take along firewood or a charcoal grill.

It was only after I bought my ticket that I realized that was the same weekend as the official release of my latest novel, HERO FROM THE SEA. It's not like I planned a release party or anything, so I guess it doesn't matter, but I shall be out of contact so there will be no promotion online during that period (I don't do internet via phone). Maybe the festival is party enough; I shall certainly take along copies of all my books. I'm getting into the habit of taking some with me everywhere.

So, looking forward to heading down to the Dade City area a month from now. It is always lovely down there in central Florida at that time of year (well, almost always), not too hot yet, orange blossom scent filling the air, and a 'gathering of the tribe,' so to speak. Maybe I'll get myself together and actually apply to perform next year; I keep saying I am going to get out there but I have become so engrossed with being a writer in the last few years that my music has languished. I do recognize that performing occasionally is, if nothing else, a good way to promote the books!

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