Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Join, a poem


Won't you join my cult?
We have the best Kool-Aide!
Don't mind that aftertaste —
it will quickly fade.
No need for apprehension,
no need to be afraid;
you'll get by just fine,
as long as I'm obeyed.

Won't you trust my word?
It truly is inspired;
all my wives agree
and the forty-two kids I've sired!
I'll sell you the robe you need
to be properly attired —
that and abject submission
are all that is required.

Won't you join my cult?
I know the end is near —
the aliens await us
far beyond this sphere.
All your earthly possessions,
you can leave right here;
I'll take good care of them —
that you should never fear!

Stephen Brooke ©2016

Light poetry, inspired by a comment I saw on Tumblr and dashed off in a few minutes.

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