Sunday, March 06, 2016

March 12 Happenings

This coming Saturday, March 12, marks the official release of my latest book, HERO FROM THE SEA, the third and last installment of the Malvern Trilogy fantasy adventure novels. Available, as ever, from Arachis Press as well as at vendors pretty much everywhere. In that I won't be around on that date, and in that it is already out and ready for purchase, the date is actually rather meaningless.

Where shall I be this coming weekend, you ask? (You did. I heard you!) At the Will McLean music festival in central Florida (near Dade City), camping and listening to talented Florida Folkies performing. I guess I could see it as one big release party --- I will have books with me (pretty much always carry those these days) and wine, too!

Incidentally, March 12 is also the anniversary of 'the Storm of the Century' that ravaged the Big Bend area of Florida back in 1993, causing much damage and flooding and some casualties before heading up the Atlantic Coast as a Nor'easter of considerable power. I wrote a song some time back about it (called, naturally enough, The Storm of the Century) and also have used it as source material for my fiction, particularly the YA novel, The Middle of Nowhere.

I am not doing much writing at the moment. Spring is largely to blame for that; too much to do around the place, both outdoors and in. Also, I have a lot of projects I have been making notes toward but none have stood and called, "Write ME!" yet. That's all right. I'll get back into author mode --- but I mustn't forget artist mode and musician mode, too. I have truly neglected those!

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