Monday, April 18, 2016


Each of us stands in a different place, seeing what is from a different angle. This does not change what is. Nor does it mean that our view is wrong, just that it is only one view, one insight, into a vast reality.

We know that reality, our world, through the metaphors we create. The artist is in the business of crafting those metaphors, increasing our understanding, inviting us to see through the eyes of another.

These different views might be called ‘illusions’ but there is truth in every illusion, as there is illusion in every truth. It is we who create the structures of reality, hang this idea here, that one there, in hopes of understanding the whole. We never will, of course, but it is human to attempt it.

It is human to be an artist.

Stephen Brooke ©2016

A very short essay I also posted over at the Eggshell Boats blog. And at FaceBook and Tumbler, for that matter.

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