Friday, April 08, 2016

Bits of This and That

Still not writing, really --- but editing, yes. I've been going back through pretty much every book I've every written and fixing little things (typos, mostly). The revisions will show up piecemeal; some already up, some to come. Incidentally, I'm finding that I'm not ashamed or embarrassed by any of the old stuff, even my very first novel. Makes me feel good (well, better anyway) about my writing.

I've put up a premiere review at Eggshell Boats, of the novel Methinks I See Thee Jane by Jean and Mary James. First of many, I hope. Of course, some of you know I'm related to the authors but I promise you that it is not puff --- if I couldn't write something favorable I simply wouldn't review work by friends or relatives.

My Donzalo's Destiny site/blog no longer exists. This was a companion to the four fantasy novels that made up the Donzalo series. Having been out a good while now, I figured the site was no longer needed; however, I shall eventually get most of that content back up somewhere else, in a site that covers all my books. Maybe right at my own Stephen Brooke site, assuming I ever get working on that!

So what am I doing with most of my time? Playing and practicing and learning songs, quite a bit. Also sorting out the recording room --- well, I might as well call it a studio. Working outside, too. Lots of projects to keep me busy, really. But I should probably ignore them from time to time and get to the beach. After all, it's only like an hour and a half and gas is still cheap. And the kids are back in school so we grownups can reclaim the surf until summer vacation!

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