Friday, April 29, 2016

By Ourselves, Together, a song

By Ourselves, Together

Let’s go out by ourselves, together,
catch a movie, have a bite;
then we needn’t wonder whether
we could find a date tonight.
You might sit a cross from me
and listen to your own conversation,
while I keep myself company,
with complete self-fascination

Our evening shouldn’t be any more boring
and lots less stressful than most dates,
with neither thinking about scoring,
no one seeking prospective mates.
So let me pick you up at seven,
or you get me, it doesn’t matter;
if we met there, it would be heaven —
we could avoid each others chatter.

Yes, let’s go out and ignore each other,
you can treat me like a brother;
we’ll have no concerns about tomorrow
and parting will be neither sweet nor sorrow.
Enjoy a meal, be at our ease,
but with separate checks, if you please;
let’s get off our respective shelves
and go out together all by ourselves.

And when the end comes, we might nod
a friendly farewell before we part;
never mind that it’s all a fraud,
there was no danger to either’s heart.
No need for us to stoke a fire,
no secrets we yearned to discover —
once more we managed to avoid the mire,
alone together, but not with a lover.

Stephen Brooke ©2016

Well, I said that poem I posted yesterday had the seeds of a song in it. So this lyric is what grew, three verses and a chorus. It will, of course, need polishing. And a tune --- haven't really been inspired in that direction yet. I would have to admit that this song echoes one I wrote a few years back called "A Make-Believe Affair." And I would also have to admit that "Affair" is really a better song, so I'm not feeling a great urge to work on this one right now.

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